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Mi 10i 5G (Atlantic Blue, 6GB RAM, 128GB Storage) - 108MP Quad Camera | Snapdragon 750G Processor.This Amazing 5G phone.

Mi 10i 5G (Atlantic Blue, 6GB RAM, 128GB Storage) - 108MP Quad Camera | Snapdragon 750G Processor. This Amazing phone,  Excellent Phone with all it's features, excellent camera, excellent 120hz refresh rate, excellent sound, excellent battery, excellent performance of 750g processor. Don't go with them who are comparing it with other similar but different processor phones, sound is perfect, a small smart phone will not give you like 120w sound output so whatever it's giving is awesome. Super night mode camera. Only missing is Super Amoled display but it's ok. It is a compact phone with great camera and great performance. It's a superb product for the price point. Display is awesome. Really loved that 120hz display but the screen could have been brighter. Audio is loud enough. No stutter noticed during usage of display. Charging time is blazingly fast . Rear camera is good and the front camera was just a typical mi front camera.I regret buying it now have

New lounch AmazonBasics 109cm (43 inches) Fire TV Edition 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV AB43U20PS (Black).

Spectacular Specification, Build Quality, and Performance Good budget 4K TV.  What's not to love about this all-new 55 inch Amazon Fire TV. I bought the 50 inch TV for INR 29,999, putting my experience out there if anyone is considering to buy this TV. Surprisingly Amazon CC is also not able to do anything. Their vendors are not doing anything. It has been going round and round in CC for days; zilch actual progress. Talking about picture quality itself, it's not like I compared this TV side-by-side with other TVs, neither am I a TV buff who has closely  observed picture quality of TVs from Samsung, Sony, LG a lot. But as a casual TV user, when I played some high quality 4K videos, I was quite impressed with the picture quality of this TV, and honestly don't need anything more than this. Add to it the fact that it costs 35k, and you'll find its a steal! - I found the speaker output to be loud enough. Of course, you can't expect an audio quality equivalent

All-new Echo (4th Gen) |Premium sound powered by Dolby and Alexa(Black).new features&taqno.

Amazon Support. (Takes at least 15 to 20 second to start playing song from amazon music.) Got the product delivered well ahead of time. The product is robustly built, good for music overall. I am no audiophile, but I personally feel for Heavy metal, Thrash metal and Death metal, the bass drums are not very clear. Vocals, guitars and bass guitars are great. However, with the app, one can improve the sound quality of drums, albeit not bad at all coming from a speaker of this size. Volume is fine, I listen at 50 percent volume and it's pretty loud. Best way to listen perhaps is to buy one more echo and pair in stereo mode for great audio output. Sounds best when the device is kept at the same height in line with your ears. Feels premium and pretty handy too. Go ahead and buy one. But 2 if you can afford, then pair. That said, don't compare this with the legendary legacy Sony systems. Sony will remain Sony, but this will save you a ton of space. Average sounding speaker

Best gaming hundset. play by (Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch).

Logitech G 331 Gaming Headset 6 mm Flip-to-Mute Mic for Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch    Product link_: buy now I recommend it to buy this headset and not to go for other 1500 or 2000 headset. If you are looking forward to use this as an all in one headset (Movie, Music, Gaming). Then NO. This is only good for gaming. And there is significant difference in sound quality from sub 2K headphones. The microphone is exceptionally good in this one. Great for discord. Overall this is a really good choice if you are in the market for a new gaming headphone. And its safe to say it is pretty neck and neck to its competitors which are the cloud stingers by HyperX and Hs50s by Corsair and Kraken X by Razer and the choice pretty much comes upon which one you like the most. Really recommend this ­čĹŹ Here are some pros and cons of these headphones- Pros: Lightweight and comfortable ·Sound pretty good for gaming, Footsteps, gunshots sounds are loud and

New SAMSUNG GALAXY M21 (6GB,RAM 128GB) Storage.New 4Gsmart phone with affordable price,,in India.

New SAMSUNG GALAXY  M21 (6GB,RAM 128GB) Storage.  Best Budget Phone In India!  As a title it is obviously a monster And very very good performance.  Brilliant camera and brilliant display in addition with the premium feeling of SAMSUNG. It's a shame that this phone's launch was delayed due to lockdown. Highly Recommended phone.  Battery life is not upto mark"  I am writing my review after using it for 6 days .I have bought sumsung phone after 7 years hoping it could be good phone but samsung again disappointed me a lot.They claim it has 6000mAH battery but drain like 3000mAH and it take almost 2.30hrs to charge from 10% to 90% so its fast charging is not a fast charging. Its just a market gimic to clail it monester like features i.e.battery 6000mAH ,15W fast charge ete but reality is far far away from claims. The phone is simply amazing. The Raven Black model looks gorgeous. Very sturdy. The camera quality is excellent. The UI is user friendly. This

boAt Rockerz 255 Sports in-Ear Bluetooth Neckband Earphone with Mic.

boAt Rockerz 255 Sports in-Ear Bluetooth Neckband Earphone with Mic. Honest review of an edm music lover,,,   Style name: Rockerz 255.. Its sound quality is adorable. overall it was good but just for 2 weeks after that it stopped working and since then it never powered on again. I am claiming for warrenty and it is still undergoing. What on earth is the use of buying such product when it stop working in one month....your happiness sailed off like a BoAt.... No doubt it has a great bass and to a great extent noise cancellation and decent sound clarity and mindblowing battery but the following dissapointed me though i tried a lot to adjust. 1.Bluetooth range not more than 10m 2. Pain in ear due the conical buds(can be removed) 3. Wires are a bit long which makes it odd in front. 4. No pouch provided. 5. Worst part is very low quality and distoring mic. Other person keeps complaining about my voice" Features & details Battery: Rockerz 255 offers a playback

OnePlus 8T 5G (12GB RAM, 256GB Storage )amazing phone in 5G under budget

This mobile phone is so amazing feature is very good. 5G supportable in just 45,999!   I was using Oneplus 6 before upgrading to Oneplus 8T. Of course, wanted to experience that improved performance and high-quality display with a 120Hz refresh rate that everyone is talking about. But, the problem with Oneplus 8T is the display itself. First of all, if you are getting Oneplus 8T, you gonna have screen issues straight out of the box. Remember those old phones we used to use 8 years back that had this poorly made screens which looked sharp from the front but when you tilt it to a certain extent all the colours get washed? For example: if I increase my brightness from 30% to 70%, it will take a good half-second to respond to that change. Increasing brightness on this device is not instant on this device is all I am saying. Sadly, the phone at this price point can't even keep up with the competition when it comes to the screen quality.  Feature is s