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All-new Echo (4th Gen) |Premium sound powered by Dolby and Alexa(Black).new features&taqno.

Amazon Support. (Takes at least 15 to 20 second to start playing song from amazon music.) Got the product delivered well ahead of time. The product is robustly built, good for music overall. I am no audiophile, but I personally feel for Heavy metal, Thrash metal and Death metal, the bass drums are not very clear. Vocals, guitars and bass guitars are great. However, with the app, one can improve the sound quality of drums, albeit not bad at all coming from a speaker of this size. Volume is fine, I listen at 50 percent volume and it's pretty loud. Best way to listen perhaps is to buy one more echo and pair in stereo mode for great audio output. Sounds best when the device is kept at the same height in line with your ears. Feels premium and pretty handy too. Go ahead and buy one. But 2 if you can afford, then pair. That said, don't compare this with the legendary legacy Sony systems. Sony will remain Sony, but this will save you a ton of space. Average sounding speaker